Digital Christmas catalogues: A review

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Towards more interactive experiences

Some of the most interesting characteristics of the latest digital toy catalogues have been the several interactive options they have provided. The pages have stopped being simply motionless images. Now, the photos of children and toys move. Things such as hearts or stars suddenly appear on the pages, moving from one side to another. They seem magical in a way.

Some catalogues presented virtual animated characters that talked to the children, giving them information about the toys or how to use some of the features offered in the catalogue. This is the case for Osi, a teddy bear from the El Corte Inglés Christmas catalogue.

Some catalogues also added video content. For instance, one catalogue showed Rapunzel making pottery, a video strategically placed right next to the arts & crafts section.

Another interesting interactive feature added to some catalogues was the option to play activity games and video games featuring children’s favorite characters throughout the catalogue or in a specific part of it, usually at the end.

Pages from El Corte Inglés Christmas catalogue 2020.
Open Gallery
El Corte Inglés Christmas catalogue 2020.
Open Gallery
Pages from El Corte Inglés Christmas catalogue 2020.

Towards more informative experiences

The new technologies being added to catalogues are also making it easier to understand all of the characteristics and functions of each toy. Most catalogues offer zooming into the images, several other even have links which can be opened to see further information about the product. Some even have the option to view toys using AR (augmented reality) so children and parents can see the product in 3 dimensions on their smart devices.

It is also becoming quite common to find the option to scan certain parts of the catalogue with a smartphone, taking you to videos of the products. In Walmart’s catalogue, customers can scan specific toy images, which then take them to the Walmart Wonder Lab website. This is an online platform in which children can select toys to see how they work. Children can choose from a range of options to decide how they want to see the toy being used.

All these features help children and parents to really get to know each toy. They offer wonderful ways to avoid frustration, or disappointment, which can sometimes happen when children unpack a toy not being exactly what they expected.

Towards more convenient experiences

No doubt, digital Christmas catalogues have facilitated the shopping process. For example with “love clicks”, an option for children to mark which toys they like. These preferences are usually instantly placed in a letter directed to Santa.

Scan & Shop, Amazon Holiday Wish Book 2020
Scan & Shop, Amazon Holiday Wish Book 2020

Through this list for Santa, or with the option to “scan and shop”, adults can conveniently order the products they want to and have them delivered directly to their doorstep, sometimes even taking advantage of discounts offered throughout the catalogue in the process.

Interestingly, this is an option that Amazon included in the physical catalogues the company distributed during the holidays in 2020.

Towards more loyal consumers

With more interactive, informative and convenient features, digital catalogues are a wonderful way to connect with the new generation of children and parents. The features of some of the latest Christmas toy catalogues manage both, to offer new appealing experiences to consumers and create loyalty towards the distributor’s brand.

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