7 social media advertising tips for toy companies

Social ads are now indispensible

With billions of active users, Facebook & Instagram offer enormous reach and, at the same time, huge potential for businesses. That said, according to Statista, you only reach 6.9 % of your followers in Germany with unpaid posts. This figure shows that, without additional advertising, all the efforts for creating and spreading content will be worthless. The massive number of posts means that Facebook makes a selection. Whoever invests more here will also reach more people – and thereby also more than just the followers of their own page.

So, where are they all then?

While mothers under the age of 30 look for inspiration on Instagram, mothers from age 35 through to grandparents post their holiday pictures on Facebook & Instagram. By coming into contact with your target group precisely where they spend their time, you can create needs and be a source of inspiration for birthday or Christmas presents, or an ideas generator for craft tips. Facebook opens up a multitude of possibilities for this. While the “Boost” button aims to promote post interactions on the site, the Ads Manager makes it possible to roll out your adverts accurately to specific target groups.

Focus everything on one goal

In order to select the right advertising target, it pays to consider one question right from the outset: What is the most important effect that I want to reach with my advert? If the answer is “traffic”, I direct my target group to a landing page or blog article. With the goal of “conversion”, I call on my target group to undertake a certain action on the company website. If it is “reach” that I want to achieve, I show my advert to as many people as possible. It is only by targeting one goal that a toy retailer will manage to prompt its target audience to perform a clear call to action.

How do others do it?

Social Media Ads von myToys
Social Media Ads von myToys

Online shops such as mytoys use social media ads to advertise their products, show children playing with their toys or draw attention to special offers. Lego uses adverts to show its figures in action and to introduce new toys – in the form of a picture or video post.

The right content leads to the desired result

Meaningful images, text and videos attract attention, elicit interactions or trigger the impulse to buy. Toy companies address mothers who are looking for a toy for their son differently in their adverts to how they address grandparents who are looking for a present for their granddaughter. By shaping the advert and its call to action according to the target group, businesses succeed in converting followers into paying customers.

Which is the quicker route to the goal?

Different target groups have different preferences. An A/B test quickly shows which posts have been received well by the target group, as well as how well. The old adage for start-ups applies here: fail fast and early. In other words, try different options and optimise accordingly.

Top or flop?

Only businesses that have precisely defined the number of people who should reach the landing page or buy an item or have seen the advert are able to measure success. The reason for this? Only if the target group has acted as a result of the corresponding advert does a business know whether its advert or campaign was successful. Budgets should not just be viewed as mere costs in this respect. Above all, they are an investment in the relevant target group and those who back social media advertising today are, at the same time, investing in their digital future.

Info Retailer tips: increasing visibility through social ads
  1. Invest in your digital future with social media ads.
  2. Go to where your target group spends its time to transform inspiration into the impulse to buy.
  3. Focus on one goal.
  4. Look over the shoulder of other businesses.
  5. Roll out the right content for the right target group.
  6. Test fast and early
  7. Make the success of your social media advertising measurable.

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