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Toys and games based on social media

Some of the most innovative examples of new toys and games based on these technologies are the ones that help children create interesting videos. With that in mind, Lego created Vidiyo, a wonderful new way of creating new things with Lego bricks in a way that is relevant to the current generation of children.

There are also toys focused on children uploading fun semi-professional videos to social media. Some of these toys are even presented in a way that suggests that kids can become YouTubers or TikTokers by using the accessories included in the game. That is the case of Studio Creator by Canal Toys or the games by Science4you, Studio Lab Be a YouTuber and Pranks Lab Be a TikToker

Studio Lab Be a YouTuber, Science4you

These toys and games allow children to use technologies in a way that promotes their creativity in different aspects, for instance by designing their own accessories to show in their videos such as in the game Let’s Glow Studio by Smyths Toys.

TikTok is encouraging children to practise various skills and participate in challenges. This is influencing our industry as there is an increase in the offer and demand for toys that are based on meeting challenges of all kinds.

Most challenges on TikTok are wonderful for children as they encourage them to practice their abilities in their fields of interest. Thanks to TikTok, children are now dancing, moving, being active more than ever! Even dance academies are offering classes focused on choreographies from TikTok due to the platform’s popularity.

Marketing campaigns supported by new media

As platforms such as YouTube or TikTok continue their way into the hearts of children, so do influencers. And as relevant as they are, toy companies are currently hiring influencers to promote their products, among many other things. Lately, toys are even being designed in collaboration with these people.

One such example is the line of toys and markers by Spin Master named “InkFluencer”, which is a sort of game to create and customise fashion ideas. The brand is created in collaboration with the popular TikTok influencers behind WeWearCute. These two girls do not only have their brand on the toys, they present them and promote them on social media to all their followers. 

Inkfluencer, Spin Master

The fact is that toy companies are getting quite creative in taking advantage of these platforms. Nerf has been using TikTok in clever ways, for instance. The company hosted a competition to choose their next Chief TikTok Officer on the platform. The winner was allowed to run Nerf’s TikTok Channel, Hasbro’s first official channel on the platform. During summer 2021, Nerf held their Hyper Tourney. The competition was only for the TikTok community in the USA and people participated by submitting videos showcasing their NERF and TikTok skills in creative ways. These are not only great ways to promote products but also increase followers on social media.

Another relevant marketing strategy to mention is the new YouTube series featuring the Instaglam Glo-up girls dolls by Cra-Z-Art. This seven-episode series shows real-life teenage influencers living with the dolls in a luxury house. Each influencer represents a doll, and during the series, the teens are given Glo-Up challenges and get inspired by the dolls.

The GLO Show

Reaching the next generation of children and kidults

Thanks to these new approaches to think about toys and marketing campaigns inspired by and based on social media, the industry will be reaching consumers in new ways that are appealing to them now as well as in the future – and not only to children but also to teens and even kidults.

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