Content marketing, a way to reach the current consumer

Content to support play

Götz' website,  July 2020

Some companies are creating tutorials for children to increase the ways they play with their toys. For instance, in the case of dolls, companies such as Götz, I’m girly or Corolle, present images and videos with the steps to follow to do the doll’s hair and make up in their catalogs and on their websites. In the category of arts & crafts, there are great examples of companies producing their own information and videos offering ideas of DIY activities using their products. That is the case of Jovi or Apli kids, this last one has even named its page on the website Apli TV.

Corolle’s catalog 2020

Also in the last Corolle Catalog, there was a section that focused on showing how to take care and clean a doll, information that is more relevant than ever in the current COVID-19 situation.

The main concept is to give ideas to use the toy as much as possible, in the best ways. This can obviously be applied to all sorts of toys. So, it is important to think about your specific product and how you encourage children to play longer with your toys by giving them information of all sorts.

Content that communicates the value of play


Barbie channel facebook

Another wonderful way to create a successful content marketing strategy is by offering information that educates consumers. That can be done from several perspectives, but the main idea is to have in mind that you need to first “Teach, Don’t sell”.

One wonderful way to do so can be by teaching about the benefits of play. That is the case of Mattel’s website “Why play”, a platform in which the company shares images, articles and videos with their strategies to improve the way play can positively impact children, and even the world. The articles and information consumers can find on the website promote Mattel and their products, but they are greatly focused on explaining and promoting the benefits of specific types of play, something they are also doing in some Facebook campaigns such as the Barbie Words of Wisdom.

Be aware that we are in front of a generation of parents that is eager to learn about anything that can support their children’s well-being and education (values, behaviors, academics,…). As we know, toys can play an important role in these matters, so let’s communicate how.

Content that entertains

Again, even if it seems contradictory, don’t try to sell a product, try to support your consumers to have a joyful time. One great way is by offering stories, which can be through a short impactful video, or a long complete movie, a book, a comic strip, etc. Another way is by providing playful ways to interact with your brand (beyond playing with your toys, of course), for instance, creating fun (and funny) apps.

In 2020, we have seen how most of the major toy companies are increasing their focus on creating this kind of content. That is the case of Lego or Playmobil with their series of movies, Mattel with several shows on Netflix, etc. I know these kinds of productions require a lot of resources. I am not saying everybody should be doing this, but, it is relevant to understand that toy companies are tending to be content creators more often, this is a challenge and also an opportunity. Innovate and think about ways to adapt this reality to your possibilities.

The LEGO® Movie - Official Main Trailer

Content market needs to focus on knowledge or fun

When companies create campaigns to present and sell products, they should focus on creating something that increases the knowledge and the fun of the potential consumers. They’ll really get their attention if they engage them in these ways!

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