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Evolution from Carrera
Evolution from Carrera 

For example, the Evolution analogue racetrack system from Carrera will be given a new lease of life this summer: the slot cars will receive front and rear lighting and can now be switched between a beginner mode with just 70% power and an advanced mode. In addition, the hand-held controllers on the new Evolution sets now operate electronically. (Carrera Toys GmbH, Austria)

A modern spin on classic toys

Fly-Go from Fun Trading
Fly-Go from Fun Trading

The good old nursery classic, the spinning top, now has modern competition from Fun Trading's brightly coloured Fly-Go electronic flying top. Although it is barely bigger than a mechanical spinner that can fit on the palm of your hand, it has a motorised rotor blade, which means it can not only gyrate on the ground or dance on a finger, but it can even fly through the air and return like a boomerang so long as you throw it at the right angle. The battery lasts for 7 to 10 minutes of playtime and is charged via a USB cable. (Fun Trading GmbH, Germany)

The world of sliding puzzles has also been given a fresh angle and now comes from Giiker as the Superslide interactive game console. On a 4x5 sliding field, a pattern that appears on the small colour display has to be copied first. Then, at the push of a button, another pattern appears as a task that has to be created only by moving the 1x1, 1x2 and 2x2 blocks. (Giiker, China)

RC cars for kids

RC amphibious toy car from CMC TOY
RC amphibious toy car from CMC TOY

Children are sure to enjoy some driving fun with fast-paced drifts on solid surfaces as offered by the RC amphibious toy car from CMC TOY. The 12.5 cm to 14 cm long vehicle comes as a sedan or SUV and is even supposed to glide forward and backward on water surfaces. The lithium-ion battery is good for 15 minutes of driving time. Besides a mini remote control that looks like a steering wheel, the RC car comes with a second set of tyres for other surfaces. (CMC TOY, Hong Kong)

Likewise, the remote-controlled Nano Omni X from Nikko RC also manages drifts and even 360-degree turns when stationary. The futuristic-looking racing car is 24 cm long, can speed at up to 14 km/h and has a radio range of 40 metres. The equally fast 33 cm long Rock CrushR with self-propelled wheels is designed for use in rough terrain. (Nikko RC, Hong Kong)

Music for children

keyboard for the cult doll Barbie
keyboard for the cult doll Barbie 

P&C Toys has introduced the Voxtuner in a 1:16 scale alongside some remote-controlled racing cars and SUVs. The brightly coloured floor model plays music –via Bluetooth, MicroSD memory card, USB port or a simple audio cable. (P&C Toys, China)

The world of the cult doll Barbie is also musical, but you have to play it yourself – either on a keyboard or on a 50 cm high grand piano. Both have a 37-key keyboard, can play eight different instruments and offer the sound of eight percussion instruments. They also come with three teaching modes, feature colourful rhythm lighting and can be connected to MP3 devices or, for example, the Barbie microphone, which is up to 110 cm high. (BARBIE, Italy


Mi-Mic karaoke speaker from Wilton Bradley
Mi-Mic karaoke speaker from Wilton Bradley

For children aged between 3 and 5, Wilton Bradley is launching the Academy of Music as a way to learn the basics of the world of music. The spectrum ranges from MP3-capable keyboards with 54 or 61 keys to a drum set and electric guitars. The Mi-Mic karaoke speaker is also a nice idea. It plays music from a MicroSD card or via Bluetooth from a smartphone using its powerful speaker with colourful LED surround. Your own voice is picked up by the microphone head and mixed to it – with an echo effect at the touch of a button. (Wilton Bradley – Academy of Music, UK)

Robotics for beginners and the advanced

The small Remote Robotic Arm BA80 from Bliss electronic provides a playful introduction to basic robotics principles. It is driven by five independently operating motors. They are controlled with the aid of a small 2.4 GHz radio remote control that can digitally record and play back even complex motion sequences at the touch of a button. (Bliss electronic co ltd, Taiwan)

Robotics Smarttech  from Fischertechnik
Robotics Smarttech  from Fischertechnik

With the E-Tronic educational toy set, Fischertechnik aims to inspire children aged 9 and up and teach them the basics of electronics, such as the principle of circuits and how to build an interchangeable flasher. With its two motor outputs and three analogue inputs, E-Tronic can also be used to control motorised Fischertechnik models. The Robotics Smarttech construction kit, which can be programmed via a tablet or a smartphone and which can be used to build various Omniwheel vehicles and technical experiments, offers even more engineering fun. (fischertechnik, Germany)

The variAnt programmable robot ant kit from Variobot also offers attractive application possibilities. It consists of 330 components and is brought to life with the help of the Arduino-Nano mini-computer. With the aid of nine light sensors at different positions of the body, antennae and legs, it can even detect objects, obstacles, light, shadows and markings. (Variobot, Germany)

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