Brazil: Costumes are part of everyday life for children

The popularity of costuming goes beyond Carnival!

From Luise Kipper.

Samba schools, clubs, event venues and hotels, among other places, usually work during most of the year to organize Carnival parties. This means that celebrations have become sources of business and profit. To give you an idea of the importance of Carnival, without the celebrations in 2020 due to the pandemic, 10.2 billion Reais did not circulate in 2020 in the cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador alone.

Rooted in Brazilian culture, Carnival stirs the emotions of people, who prepare themselves physically to withstand the marathon of parties. Part of the population invests in clothes, accessories, costumes, etc. And, of course, children get into samba!

The industry has recognised the demand for children's costumes

dressed up girl

Happy are those born in the last decade, since that was when the industry finally understood the demand for more elaborate costumes and, above all, costumes licensed for children.

In other words, the costumes previously made by seamstresses in the neighbourhood or even by the most gifted mothers - and that didn't go beyond the basic clown, ballerina, and pirate costume - lost out to the more elaborate models, whose varied fabrics, special colours, props and accessories brought enchantment and magic to Carnival blocks.

Turning the Carnival season into a year-round business

Superhero Kids

The costumes have gained so much space in children's closets that they are purchased throughout the year. In Brazil, they have become  clothes for playing in! What used to be seasonal is now in demand all year round. Factories and stores specializing in costumes have sprung up like mushrooms and are here to stay.

Here, it is normal to come across heroes, princesses and even villains on any given day. In other words, for Brazilian children it's Carnival all year long!

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