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Playful world of ice

Eispicker (ice pick) by Philos
Eispicker (ice pick) by Philos

Kids love playing games of skill because that is when they get a chance to prove their abilities. Similar to the game principle of Jenga, in Eispicker (ice pick) by Philos, little wooden bricks have to be carefully removed from a tower or a wall piece by piece. In this game variant, a little ice pick is used to assist in removing the ice-blue coloured wooden bricks, as this is a wall of ice. The cherry on top is a cute little penguin sitting teasingly atop the wall who does not want to fall down.



The steadfast music penguin

Penguin Music Wobbler by Hape
Penguin Music Wobbler by Hape

Even small children love the cute and modest look of penguins. They will especially have a lot of fun with one in the form of a roly-poly. It is simply fascinating to watch how the lovable fellow consistently props himself back up, no matter how much he is pushed. The Penguin Music Wobbler's soothing sounds, which are produced when it moves around, are nice on the ears. As it is made of wood, it not only feels nice but is also environmentally friendly, which Hape Spielwaren sees as simply a part of their social responsibility.



Helpful washing friend

Penguin Soapster by Skip Hop
Penguin Soapster by Skip Hop

The daily ritual of washing your hands in the sink or your whole body in the shower or bathtub is a lot more fun for the little ones with a child-friendly soap dispenser. For this purpose, the Penguin Soapster by US-brand Skip Hop is very practical, as it can be used with only one hand. The little helper can be refilled with soap or disinfectant easily and can be quickly mounted to smooth walls made of tiles or glass thanks to its suction pad. And because of its modest colours, it looks good in pretty much any bathroom.



Arctic doll outfits

Penguin Swimming Set by Heless
Penguin Swimming Set by Heless

Doll parents will be delighted to have the cute penguin clothing set by Heless. Bath day can be full of joy with the Penguin Swimming Set, with which doll girls and boys will also be ready for the next swimming pool getaway. The two-piece made of elastic spandex can be put on their little friends with ease. As not all dolls know how to swim, a swim ring with the looks of a penguin will keep them safely over the waves, and the stylish bath shoes will protect their feet from the hot sand. The cheerful mint-green set will surely become a constant companion for any doll between 35 and 45 centimetres. In case it gets cold, the Penguin Dotty Tights and socks should always be at hand as well. The cute penguin motif on the bum is a playful eyecatcher, and the tights can be put on and taken off with childlike ease thanks to their elastic knitted fabric. Available in the sizes 28-35 and 35-45 centimetres, they will fit various dolls.

Icy sweethearts for cuddling fans

MusiLEDi von Heunec
MusiLEDi by Heunec

Simply every kid needs soft plush toys for cuddling and snuggling, and even some grown-ups do as well. When equipped with special extra features, they can become quite an eyecatcher. German company Heunec based in Upper Franconia, for example, offers a polar bear with a cute little hood, so it looks like the little guy is wearing a stylish hoodie. The hood is colour-coded to the Hooded Chum's eyes and can be used to protect it from cold weather or simply to make it look cool. Whoever likes to use their plush friends to help falling asleep will find just what they need with the MusiLEDi polar bear, night owl or cute snow rabbit. They do not only play a lovely lullaby but can also glow in different colours and spread atmospheric light all around a room thanks to rainbow-coloured LED diodes in their bellies. A little bedtime story in the included booklet rounds off the bedtime routine nicely.

Arctic animals are increasingly making their way into children's rooms, be it in the form of games, plush toys, doll outfits, and more. On the one hand, they are just the cutest, and on the other, they offer parents the opportunity to talk about environmental problems and climate change with their kids in a child-friendly manner.

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