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Rockeees von Apollo 11 BV

Have you ever felt the thrill of stacking stones? Challenging the law of gravity! Now imagine stacking refrigerators, wherever they happen to be. The Rockeees from Dutch company Apollo 11 BV make the impossible possible. In cooperation with Coolrec, Apollo 11 BV collects discarded refrigerators from all over Europe and recycles them into high-quality raw materials. This creates a game piece with 17 different sides for stacking and balancing. The unique design offers endless possibilities to build a tower yourself or challenge friends. But beware of gravity, or the whole thing will come falling down.


The CLIP IT clips by WASTE IS MORE / CLIP IT from France are clips that are made from recycled plastic caps designed to clip together lids of all disposable plastic bottles. With them, children can put their creativity to the test and build architectural works of art. Now, some children’s drink packs even include CLIP IT sets, giving kids the opportunity to playfully recycle or reuse the lids directly on the product, the plastic bottles.

ReCycle Me Linie von Fun2Give

The ReCycle Me series by Dutch company Fun2Give teaches children recycling through play. Plastic bottles, empty toilet paper rolls, egg and milk cartons are turned into seals, polar bears, caterpillars, robots, caves, trains, or houses. Unique play worlds are created with the various playworld boxes - for example, an old CD is quickly turned into a pizza and the box becomes a restaurant.

Recycle Me believes in a world where children and their parents are aware of the amount of trash we all produce. A world in which children help to reduce it through recycling or reusing. This is why the Dutch company uses recycled materials and sophisticated ideas to make that world a reality. Discarded things are integrated into the overall play concept, giving them a second life.

Binabo-Chips TicToys

The Binabo Chips by German company TicToys can be combined to create balls, throwing discs, towers, animals, buildings and much more. The possibilities one can think up are endless. The structures are stable and light. That way, the balls can be used to juggle, or play football or volleyball.

Binabo is made from Arboblend®. The biomaterial is made of sugar and wood fibres and is 100% natural. It is very stable, flexible, free of harmful substances and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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