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Toys with amplified functions

Dyson Little Helper by Casdon

Toys do real things

There are wonderful toys in the market that are fun and also functional in a way that allows children to do something real with them. For instance, Casdon is selling Dyson toy vacuums that work, products for children to play with while actually vacuuming the house. What a wonderful idea for kids and parents as well! While one parent is cleaning the house, the child is playing and helping at the same time.

Children love to do things like adults do. Some companies, aware of this fact are selling tools that are ergonomically adapted to children but are as good as the adult version. For example, the company Corvus has several products such as a Carpenter's Hammer or an Adjustable Spanner. PLAYmake is a line of fully operational wood-crafting workshop machines developed for the youngest, among its products they highlight that they offer the only child-friendly jigsaw in the world. Haba also has real functional tools in its line Terra Kids.

Cookware, Disney Store

Utensils for cooking are experiencing the same process. Some toy companies are adapting them for children. Nowadays, families can cook together with kids using a big range of toy-based products that allow them to cook real food.

It is important to consider that these kinds of toys can be sold through different types of distributors, beyond a toy store. Imagine how pleased a child would feel when getting a toy working drill in the hardware store, just like the one dad has just gotten.

Mosqui-Dolls by Berjuan

Toys protect the child

Another way to create functional toys is by developing playthings that help or protect children in a specific way. A great example is the Mosqui dolls created by Berjuan, a line of dolls and plush toys that release a special scent to repel mosquitoes.

There are so many great ways we can help children. For instance, in the present time of uncertainty and social distancing, with children’s anxiety on the rise, some toys are comforting the little ones. Especially lovely are the animal costumes by Wild & Soft, disguises that are like cozy blankets that children can cover themselves with to get a feeling of being hugged by a warm animal. The Hugphones, Wearable Teddy Bear Headphones, are based on a similar idea, kids can listen to music or video-content while being hugged by a bear.

The hugphones

Toys that serve a function beyond the main goal of being played with can be very appealing to children and their parents. This approach gives companies an interesting source of ideas to innovate. On one side, think about adding functions to toys in ways that allow children to learn and experience things in a more realistic way. And on the other side, ideate products that have a purpose related to assisting and protecting children from different perspectives.

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