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Acquisition boosts Funtastic's revenue, gross profit for November


Funtastic has reported increased revenue and gross profit for November following the acquisition of Toys R Us Australia and Hobby Warehouse Group.

Releasing a statement to the ASX, the business reported a 60% increase in consolidated revenue to $7.1 million in November versus the prior comparable period (pcp).

Funtastic also reported that consolidated gross profit was up 78% to $2 million in November.

Meanwhile, the business also reported that consolidated revenue for Q1 FY21* was $14 million, generating a consolidated gross profit of $3.6 million for the quarter.

The business reports that the Toys R Us website also delivered strong results in November, reporting that total organic and direct sessions (excluding paid search) increased by more than 200% versus pcp.

Toys R Us' organic google search impression increased by more than 360% in November versus pcp, while the average cost per conversion via paid click advertising (excluding organic conversion) decreased to a low of $6.30.

*The financial year for Funtastic Limited extends from August to July, with Q1 represented by August to October.

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