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Canal Toys on a record last year and why it’s expanding beyond the booming arts & crafts market


The explosion of the arts & crafts sector over the course of the UK’s lockdown periods this past year has helped the internationally-reaching toy maker, Canal Toys achieve not only significant growth, but a record year of sales for the business.

Fuelled by consumer demand for products to keep children and families entertained during the government’s social restriction and school closures, it has been key products within the Canal Toys’ portfolio, as well as the introduction of its newest brands So Sand DIY and its Studio Creator that have enabled the company to a vastly successful past 12 months.

In fact, so successful has the company’s latest launches been, that Canal Toys has now earmarked 2021 as the year that this one time staple of the arts and crafts sector begins to develop the brand beyond the core market, and enter other, equally profitable areas of the industry.

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