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Australia’s Vuly Play ‘seeks to expand global presence’ through new Toy Inventor Programme

The Australian outdoor play equipment company, Vuly Play, has launched its own Toy Inventor Programme, offering creative minds in the play space the platform to turn their ideas into reality.

Open for submissions now, the Toy Inventor Programme is calling on designers and creatives from across the globe to submit their toy-related concept, idea, or design for any category – and not just restricted to outdoor play.

The process asks that inventors submit a detailed description of their invention, listing its purpose, how it works, what benefits it has, and any relevant documentation and media. Vuly Play states that a sample prototype is ‘highly desirable’ but not required.

Inventors can submit their designs to

Vuly Play is an Australian-owned and run, outdoor play equipment company. Based in Brisbane Australia, Vuly has been at the global forefront of innovative engineering for outdoor play equipment with extensive experience in production and prototyping successful and marketable products. Vuly has successfully launched various products throughout Australia, Europe, and North America.

Partnering with famous names such as Toys R Us, Hamleys, Walmart, Canadian Tire, Sam’s Club, Mr Toys Toyworld, 99 Bikes, and many more as well as a direct to consumer strategy.

Vuly Play seeks to expand the brand and its global presence by collaborating with toy inventors to produce new products that children and families can enjoy.