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Biobuddi embraces global success thanks to patented material


Biobuddi has developed a construction toy base plate that demonstrates the potential of the biobased material.

The Dutch brand is growing in the toy market thanks to the development of a patented material in collaboration with Wageningen University, which underpins the company’s toy production in the Netherlands.

The brand is launching a construction toy base plate this month, the manufacture of which is carbon neutral, thanks to the use of the patented biobased material. Previously, Biobuddi has introduced biobased construction sets, including blocks and building components, to the market.

In the last year, the company has seen an enormous increase in interest in its specially developed biobased material, and has now entered into a partnership with a market leader in the field of loyalty campaigns. Because of the use of Biobuddi’s biobased material, retailers can now set up a fully circular savings campaign.

The Biobuddi base plate is available immediately. The company expects to supply over 50 countries worldwide within a few months and is expanding its range further this year to other toy concepts, including puzzles. Biobuddi expects to achieve a 50% increase in turnover across its entire range this year.

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