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Disguise releases ‘Stranger Things’ costumes inspired by the latest season

This Halloween is going to be a stranger one

Disguise, the costume division of Jakks Pacific, is releasing a complete line of costumes and Funko Pop! masks inspired by the latest season of Netflix’s Stranger Things.

The line will include costumes based on both recurring and new characters from the series. Kids and adults alike can dress like Eddie Munson in his Hellfire Club shirt and denim jacket with sublimated patch detailing; Argyle in his Surfer Boy Pizza T-shirt, printed “Argyle” nametag, and sublimated print pants; Eleven in her iconic pink dress from Season 1 or retro striped dress from Season 4; Lucas in his Hawkins Highschool Tigers uniform; and Steve and Robin in a Family Video uniform and nametag.

Kids can also dress just like Chrissy in the green-and-yellow Hawkins Tigers Cheerleader uniform or Dustin in his Hellfire Club T-shirt and Thinking Cap, while adults can dress up as Hopper in his Russian prisoner’s coat and furred ushanka hat.

All Stranger Things costumes will be available at major retailers this fall, just in time for Halloween. Disguise’s Funko Pop! mask collection will also be available later this fall for a limited time on Amazon and at other retailers. These oversized masks can be worn with or without a costume, or displayed next to a Funko Pop! Collection.