Toy market news

European Commission presents results of Joint-Market Surveillance

The European Commission has published the results of the Coordinated Activities on the Safety of Projects (CASP Projects) from 2021. These include reports on projects such as:

  • Toys on third party online marketplaces based outside the EU
  • Electric toys
  • Cradles and baby swings
  • Dangerous counterfeits
  • Online market surveillance

The results show significant problems for toys sold online. For electric toys, a significantly higher percentage of toys collected online did not meet at least one of the relevant requirements (47%) than toys collected in bricks-and-mortar stores (17%).

The results for online sellers based outside the EU are even more worrying. 84 % did not meet the requirements. According to the German Association of the Toy Industry (DVSI), this non-compliance is mainly due to the fact that sellers cannot be held accountable.

CASP projects are joint actions of several market surveillance authorities from different EU Member States, funded by the EU. Every year there is at least one project that focuses on toys.

Source: DVSI