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Faber-Castell active on Twitch

Live streaming premiere

Faber-Castell is breaking new ground in influencer marketing: in order to reach the online-savvy target group of 18- to 34-year-olds on another popular platform, the company has staged its products on Twitch for the first time. The fast-growing live streaming portal now enables many other entertainment formats beyond gaming, e.g. in the creative sector. This also includes streams in which artists draw in real time and which are so popular not least because the actors remain approachable for their community at all times in the chat. This interaction creates authenticity, bonding and trust between the streamers, who are also brand ambassadors, and their followers.

Faber-Castell cooperated with two established German Twitch artists at the start: Dresden-based graphic designer JosYMovieS (JosYMovieS - Twitch) and Berlin-based artist Yvraldis (JosYMovieS - Twitch) drew with Art & Graphic artist products in sessions lasting several hours and demonstrated their application possibilities. The streams are permanently available on the artists' channels. Faber-Castell´'s conclusion: "With hundreds of live participants and more than 15,000 video views to date, this was a very successful premiere for Faber-Castell."