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Faber-Castell supports art therapy by The Red Pencil in Lebanon

Alleviating suffering in Lebanon: Faber-Castell supports art therapy programme by The Red Pencil for children affected by long-term illnesses and their families

"When words reach their limits, creative design can help to alleviate and heal." This is the credo of the Singapore-based humanitarian organisation The Red Pencil. It offers children affected by natural disasters, violence, serious injuries or illnessesart therapy support and thus helps them to process the trauma they have experienced. In Lebanon, The Red Pencil recently successfully completed another mission, in cooperation with the locally based non-profit organisation Myschoolpulse in Beirut.

Myschoolpulse enables children and young people with life-threatening and long-term illnesses to continue their school education during their hospital stay and still participate in certain extracurricular activities. In recent years, Lebanon has suffered a number of conflicts which have caused economic and social instability, and the devastating explosion in the port of Beirut in 2020 and the aftermath of the Corona pandemic further exacerbated the situation - factors that added anxiety, stress and isolation for the seriously ill children Myschoolpulse cared for.

To support their work, The Red Pencil developed a new online training format that provided Myschoolpulse staff with knowledge and skills in mental health and art therapy, showing ways to deal with the children in crisis entrusted to their care. In addition, there was an art therapy programme of individual and family and group sessions for affected children and their families. The results of the humanitarian mission in Lebanon: for almost 100 participants, more than 450 online therapy courses and almost 400 individual sessions were initiated, which helped those affected to alleviate traumatic experiences with the help of creative tools and techniques.

As one of The Red Pencil's long-standing partners, Faber-Castell has also supported this mission by sponsoring it with creative teaching materials and funding: From each "Colour Grip Children of the World" set sold, 0.10 euros benefited The Red Pencil initiative. The charity set includes double pencils with skin tones as an addition and thus allows the illustration of nuance-rich skin tones.

"We are delighted that we were able to support the organisation's important humanitarian work in this way with almost 40,000 euros," says Verena Hafner, Head of Marketing International Playing & Learning and Writing at Faber-Castell.