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Florian Sieber appointed new CEO of the Simba Dickie Group

A new generation of management for the international toy manufacturer

Founded in 1982 as “Simba Toys” with five employees. After developing into a successful and international corporate group, the Simba Dickie Group, boasting 2,950 employees and annual sales of €715 million, is now entering its third generation. Michael Sieber handed over the reins of the family-owned company to his son Florian Sieber on 1 May 2021.

To secure the future of a family-owned company, it is important to set the groundwork in good time and successfully prepare transfer between the generations. Michael Sieber founded Simba Toys together with his father, Fritz Sieber, in 1982, overseeing its development into the internationally active Simba Dickie Group, and has served as its CEO since that time. He started planning the transfer between the generations at an early stage to ensure his company remains fit for the future.  

Florian Sieber was appointed his designated successor and co-CEO of the Simba Dickie Group in 2018.  Further, Florian has spent the last eight years as the Managing Director of the model railway manufacturer Märklin.

“Together with a dedicated team in Göppingen, my son, Florian, has put Märklin back on track – a masterstroke, I’m very proud of him. He has grown naturally into his new and responsible role at the Simba Dickie Group and is well prepared and highly motivated. I trust that with his knowledge and the perspectives of a new generation, he’ll be able to lead our family business successfully into the future.”

Michael Sieber retired from his role as CEO at the end of the Simba Dickie Group’s business year on 30 April 2021 but will continue to lend his wealth of experience as a partner, thereby providing support and advice to the company.

Florian Sieber became the new CEO of the Simba Dickie Group on 1 May 2021. Therefore, the group’s board consists of Florian Sieber (CEO), Manfred Duschl (CFO) and Uwe Weiler (COO).

Florian Sieber is looking forward to this new challenge: “We’ve been actively preparing the transfer between the generations at the Simba Dickie Group for a number of years now; meaning the transition will be a smooth one. I’m extremely grateful to my father that he never put pressure on me when it came to the question of business succession, but always provided me with advice and support whenever I was looking for assistance. I’m fully conscious of the significant responsibility I’m taking on in our family business, but I’m also looking forward to the new challenges and duties.”

The timing of the transfer between the generations was chosen deliberately by Michael Sieber: “The start of the new business year also marks the 40th anniversary of Simba Toys, which I founded together with my father. Even in these currently challenging times, our Group remains stable, healthy and economically strong. The best conditions for me to hand the reins over to my son.”