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Fortnite Creative’s creator economy represents the future of metaversal brand activations

Fortnite Creative is becoming a hub for metaversal brand activations, and the demand has pushed companies to look beyond Epic Games, the developer of the title, to reach audiences.

From that interest, a cottage industry has emerged around a community of independent companies that design experiences within the game’s workshop mode, similar to the creator economy taking shape inside Roblox.

Just like the world it emulates, the metaverse is constantly changing, meaning Epic Games has to continuously provide relevant and exciting activations within Fortnite if it wants to compete with other platforms like Roblox. It’ll likely only invest more in what it can offer advertisers as the concept of the metaverse grows and pushes more creators and brands to get involved.

So far, brands have activated in the metaverse around major cultural moments, from Coachella to the release of the next big Marvel movie, and new product launches, from building a recreation of the O2 Arena to Coca-Cola’s Pixel Point Fortnite experience, in ways that help cement Fortnite as a cornerstone of the metaverse.

While the number of agencies and independent creators working within Fortnite Creative is growing, Epic Games’ own internal teams still dominate much of the branded space. To handle this influx of projects, the developer has partnered with a number of independent creators, including Alliance and Zen Studios.