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Hornby puts temporary halt on orders to non-UK customers due to Brexit and port delays


Hornby Hobbies has put a temporary freeze on all orders to customers outside of the UK, citing delays caused by the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and disruption at UK ports.

The company released a social media statement earlier this week in which it said it would not accept any non-UK orders until January 4th, after the transition period ends and EU-UK trade switches to a new relationship under rules that are still be agreed.

Should current EU-UK talks end with no deal in place, toys that Hornby exports from the UK to the EU could face tariffs of up to 4.7 per cent of their cost. Meanwhile, if tariffs are imposed while goods from the UK are delayed in transit – caught up in the current melee at UK and global ports due to the Covid chaos – the EU customer could be made to pay the duty themselves.

Hornby’s chief executive, Lyndon Davies has said the business is keen to avoid such complications.

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