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Interview: Former Eaglemoss licensing head Ben Robinson offers hope after company ceases operations

Eaglemoss Ltd. through their Hero Collector brand has been one of the most active and prolific Star Trek licensees over the last decade, releasing a steady stream of Star Trek die-cast models as well as other products including figures, busts, and even books. The company’s offerings went well beyond Star Trek, with products tied to Doctor Who, James Bond, Alien, and many other franchises. However, that all came to a halt in July when the UK-based company stopped all sales and shipments of products, with reports that the company was in financial trouble, leaving their regular customers in the dark about the future of their collections.

TrekMovie has attempted to get more clarity from Eaglemoss, however, there have been no official statements or responses to inquiries. The only sort of official communication was via Eaglemoss’ affiliate program partners informing those signed up to the affiliate program that the company’s sales site was down, and a later update stated all affiliate sales were on “hold.” However, TrekMovie was able to get some clarity on what is going on and a sense of where things might go from Ben Robinson, Eaglemoss’ (now former) Director of Licensed Products.