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LEGO curates mindfulness soundscape of 10,000 bricks with LEGO White Noise


The LEGO Group is treading (softly) new ground for toys in the mindfulness space with the launch of a new LEGO White Noise playlist, designed to help listeners find a moment of relaxation - by listening the noises made by LEGO bricks.

But there’s no soundtracks of fully-grown adults yelping as they step on LEGO bricks left across the floor, but moreover, a curated list of tracks that have each been created using nothing but LEGO and the sounds that they make.

Designers of the LEGO White Noise playlist experimented with over 10,000 bricks in their quest for the perfect soothing sounds. The result is a soundscape that includes tracks such as It All Clicks, capturing the sound of two LEGO elements joining together, and The Waterfall, created by pouring thousands of LEGO bricks on top of one another.

Like other white noise tracks, the playlist is designed to help listeners find a moment of zen in their day, making it an audio accompaniment for falling asleep, unwinding, or relaxing through LEGO building.

The playlist can be accessed for free from over 15 different music streaming platforms including Spotify, iTunes and Google Music.

The LEGO White Noise playlist has been released to accompany the immersive LEGO Botanical Collection building experience, following research that found that almost three quarters (73 per cent) of adults are on the hunt for new ways to destress.

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