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License It! Competition winners named at Licensing Expo

The live finale of the License This! competition took place yesterday at Licensing Expo, and two winners were named.

Catoms: Atoms with Attitude from designer Kieche Meleson O’Connell was named the winner of the Character & Animation category. O’Connell reimagined the periodic table with cats, each featuring different coat patterns, powers, and personalities.

Stef “Sharky” Shultz won the Brand & Design category with Hunnie Bumble & Friends. Hunnie Bumble is a quirky queen bee who lives in a world of her own. Along with her friends, she embarks on colorful adventures.

Each of the winners presented alongside four other finalists in front of an audience, as well as a judging panel of nine senior executives. The winners will each “take home” a 100-square-foot booth at next year’s Licensing Expo, one-year memberships to Licensing International and Products of Change, and a consultation with the judges.