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Mattel Creations’ Shogun Masters Skeletor is a Japanese x eternian mashup

Mattel Creations’ latest drop is the first-ever mashup of Masters of the Universe and the Japanese Shogun Warriors.

In the 1970s, Mattel brought the massive Shogun Warriors figures to the U.S. and just a few years later launched the Masters of the Universe collection. In more recent years, Super7 has carried the Shogun torch with limited releases like last year’s Super Shogun Optimus Prime created in collaboration with Hasbro, and a line of 3.75-inch Shogun Warriors ReAction Figures. Now, Mattel is bringing the Shogun styling back home for the Shogun Masters Skeletor.

The figure stands nearly two feet tall and was developed by Ruben Martinez, senior manager on Masters of the Universe (MOTU) at Mattel.

The exclusive collectible and an accompanying T-shirt are available as an exclusive drop at Mattel Creations for a limited time beginning today.