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Mattel revs up 2021 Hot Wheels Collectors Red Line Club memberships


Beginning today, more fans and die-cast enthusiasts than ever will have access to Mattel‘s exclusive Hot Wheels Collectors Red Line Club.

In the past, Mattel has limited the number of members that can join the Club each year but this year the membership limit has been lifted completely in what the company says is an effort to create “a more inclusive opportunity for fans 18 and up to join the collector community and have access to the highest-quality cars” on the market.

This year’s membership plans include a new digital option “with greater accessibility and more opportunities to get in on the fun,” and the Membership Car Kit option which includes a limited edition 2021 Red Line Club ‘70 Boss 302 Mustang while supplies last.

Mattel notes that interest has grown for its Hot Wheels Red Line Club vehicles in recent years. Red Line Club vehicles feature “top-tier builds” with opening panels, detailed engine bays, finished interiors, and collector cases, and the ultra-limited offerings tend to sell out in minutes and command high prices on the growing secondary market.

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