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New Mall of America toy store bets on experience

Hey!Joy is the first U.S. store from a Ukranian toy seller

A sprawling 11,000-square-foot toy store designed to encourage discovery and imaginative play may sound like a pre-Covid relic, but the Ukrainian group behind the new Hey!Joy at Mall of America prefers to think of it as optimism for the future of brick and mortar shopping.

“The pandemic has been tough for all of us, but we believe a better time is glimmering on the horizon,” said Yuliya Chomenko, the toy seller’s marketing director. “Children and adults, we are all ready for a bit of joy in our lives - now more than ever.”

Chomenko said her family has nearly two decades of experience in sourcing and selling toys in Central Europe and Asia, starting with a small corner shop and growing to a network of 65 stores. For two years, the group has been planning its U.S. launch with MOA as the obvious target. “It’s the busiest mall in America and a vibrant place of fun and food,” Chomenko said. “Hey!Joy will fit right in.”