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Passing the wand: Wonder Works Toys enters a new chapter under new ownership

Following more than 30 years of successful retailing, Wonder Works Toys in Charleston, South Carolina has a new owner to continue its legacy.

The popular independent toy store opened its doors on Aug. 10, 1990, under the direction of co-owners Christine Osborne and Dan Morrisey. Over the years, Wonder Works has evolved and has been hailed as a prime example of how independent retailers can adapt to serve their local communities. In 2018, the store played host to the first-ever Mattel store-within-a-store concept and has since taken part in similar initiatives with companies including Melissa and Doug.

In a new video published this week, Osborne has officially “passed the wand” to Elizabeth “Schnookie” Royall, a longtime associate that first discovered the magic of Wonder Works as a kid.