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Playmobil marks 30th anniversary of Playmobil 1.2.3 with extended range and parent-focused messaging


Playmobil is marking the 30th anniversary of its popular younger years segment, Playmobil 1.2.3 with the launch of an extended portfolio of products housed in new packaging that will highlight the three learning stages that each set promotes.

A swathe of new launches will be landing on shelves from March this year, bolstering the range of builds and play-sets aimed at kids aged one and a half to four years old. Each of the new sets will feature packaging highlighting the three learning stages, each building on the previous, to promote child development.

The range will be the focus of a strong marketing campaign that will tap into TV, digital, and social channels across the year, as well as tie-ups with family and lifestyle bloggers in order to emphasise the new message of the packaging.

The range kicks off with Easy Start a series of beginner sets with simple figures and a focus on learning through touch and exploration, imitating animal sounds, and naming figures, animals, and objects.

First Challenge extends the play with a focus on exploring first functions, promoting fine motor skills, and understanding cause and effect relationships.

Finally, Little Expert encompasses a series of more advanced play-sets, there are many functions to discover. The learning focus is on more complex contexts, social skills and first role play.

Adding elements of sand and water, the Sand and Aqua ranges enrich the play system through creative outdoor play – all in the Playmobil quality children and parents know and love.

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