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Plum Play eyes international growth following outdoor play demand and £4.2m in funding


Plum Play is eyeing international growth for its portfolio of outdoor toys and play products, including trampolines and climbing frames, following a surge in demand that has been driven by the pandemic and a recent £4.2 million in bank funding.

It was at the end of last year that the family-run business secured the financial support through a corporate banking partnership with Santander in order to serve the firm’s ambitions for international expansion.

The 30 year old company has already built a strong global presence, supplying over 40 countries with its outdoor play portfolio. Plum Play recently entered the US market, a move that has now positioned the firm to bring in an estimated turnover of more than £50 million within the next few years.

The spate of nation-wide lockdowns and the impact of the pandemic on countries – and markets – across the globe has led to a surge in demand for outdoor play equipment over the course of the last year. With access to play parks and children’s climbing and play equipment limited by lockdown restrictions, the need for at-home solutions has rocketed.

Such was the demand, says Plum Play, that during the initial lockdown last year, product sold out at record rate. The accelerated demand has been compounded by sales figures that last year watched the volume sales of trampolines increase by 30 per cent year on year.

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