Toy market news announcs latest global franchise – Kaleidoscope City

Inspired by YouTube’s Toys and Colors, Kaleidoscope City will highlight diversity and inclusion within original programming, gaming, consumer products and more.

Kids and family entertainment company,, has announced its newest partnership with Toys and Colors, the beloved children’s YouTube channels that boast a total of 65.4m subscribers, 1.5b average monthly views, and 49.1b total lifetime views. The ensemble Asian-American cast features young friends Wendy, Alex, Emma, Jannie and Andrew, in addition to a host of Aunties and Uncles familiar to the channel’s massive audience.

Toys and Colors YouTube content, distributed in six different languages, helps kids become more confident, global citizens.

The partnership inspired’s latest global kids and family franchise, called Kaleidoscope City, which comes to life in an original live action/animated series, consumer products, gaming, podcasts, live events and much more. Kaleidoscope City is a magical world of colour where kids learn to see things from a new perspective. The franchise highlights the importance of diversity, varied points-of-view, conflict management and empathy. Kaleidoscope City launches in Spring 2022.