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The Sabaton Board Game at Pegasus Spiele

Pegasus Spiele takes over the exclusive distribution for A Battle through History – The Sabaton Board Game. Players can look forward to exciting battles across time building their decks, challenging other players, and interacting with epic battles and heroes. Detailed miniatures modeled after the Sabaton band members are included.

After Armata Strigoi - The Powerwolf Board Game and its expansion Armata Strigoi: Resurrection, A Battle through History – The Sabaton Board Game is Pegasus Spiele’s second collaboration with Italian publisher Scribabs Boardgames. This time, the focus is on the Swedish heavy metal band Sabaton whose bassist Pär Sundstrom contributed to the game’s concept, along with Erik Burigo and Marco Valtriani. This thematic game was developed for two to five players ages 14 and up and enables fans to choose their favorite band member from the five detailed miniatures to slip into the role of the time-traveling storytellers known as Sabaton.

On their journeys through time, players can experience epic combat where multiple eras collide – Vikings and planes can fight on the same battlefield at the same time. Sabaton can relive historical battles (represented by cards) or challenge other players by deploying troops and equipment acquired from the different eras. Collecting precious relics along their travels will be important for players to gain points. After 60 to 120 minutes, only the Sabaton with the greatest units, heroes, and relics collected from their adventure can win the game and sing of their heroic deeds!

A Battle through History – The Sabaton Board Game is expected to be released in Q2. In Europe the game is already available.