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TIMIO Educational Audio and Music Player lands in the UK through Toynamics distribution

Toynamics UK and Ireland has been tapped as the exclusive distributor of the TIMIO Educational Audio and Music Player, as well as the new-to-market TIMIO foldable kids’ headphones. The deal has been struck amid a surge in interest in the children’s audio space.

TIMIO is an interactive learning device for children aged two to six, and designed for them to be able to use independently while stimulating creativity and the development of early childhood cognitive skills.

A screen free device that doesn’t require WiFi, the TIMIO device is portable and billed as an ‘ideal travel companion’. The device uses magnetic discs to unlock a library of curated educational and engaging audio content on various topics, all aimed at multiple age groups.

TIMIO comes with five discs, giving seven hours of educational content and entertainment in a choice of eight languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Chinese, Italian and Portuguese), so children can learn while playing. Disc categories include the alphabet, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, numbers, lullabies, fruit, animals, colours, and vocabulary.

The TIMIO works as children select a disc, place it on top of the device and follow the audio instructions. It uses sound and LED lights, encouraging kids to listen attentively while engaging them with interactive features such as quiz questions, and a pause function.

The starter set comes with five discs, and an additional four sets of five discs are available to retailers to sell separately – a total of 25 audio discs.