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Ulki Toys owner Unika Gujar strives to foster representation, comfort and joy with her crochet creations

Unika Gujar makes crochet toys for everyone: babies, college students and adults. One woman Gujar met at a pop-up took particular delight in her handmade teddy bears - before declaring herself to be “70 years young.”

Gujar, owner of Ulki Toys, sells animals, purses, keychains and more through her pop-up shops and Instagram and Facebook pages. She started the business 10 years ago, when she wanted to make her baby niece a handmade toy with sentimental value. The name “Ulki” comes from a nickname that Gujar’s family calls her niece.

Because these (toys) are handmade, they hold a certain place in someone’s life,” Gujar said. “These are not just any toys that you would get in a store or buy on Amazon. These are specially handcrafted, each toy made with a lot of care and love.”

Now, Gujar said her business is thriving.

Growing up in India, Gujar enjoyed playing with dolls, but she noticed their blond hair and blue eyes didn’t look like her. She crochets dolls of all kinds, hoping that children will be able to see themselves in her toys.