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UNICEF playbook aims to combat stereotyping in advertising

UNICEF and The LEGO Group have collaborated on a playbook for business audiences to provide starting points for defining the different types of stereotyping in advertising that can have a harmful impact on a child’s well-being and development.

Children need diverse role models who can positively impact their perceptions of themselves, their own empowerment, and the world around them. However, product advertising for children is often stereotyped, shaping roles and expected behaviours early in children’s lives.

How to Promote Diversity & Inclusion in Marketing and Advertising: a UNICEF Playbook was developed in collaboration with the LEGO Group and provides tools for businesses to create guidelines and strategies, along with a multitude of examples from companies that demonstrate diversity and inclusion in their creative content and products for children.

The playbook has been endorsed by Licensing International, the association representing the global brand licensing industry, as a ‘must have’ resource for licensing executives, product and content developers and marketing professionals.

The playbook is now live and free for professionals in the licensing industry and beyond to download via this link.