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Walmart is teaming up with Roku

Walmart is teaming up with Roku to let users of the streaming platform purchase products they see on their screens

The companies claim that their partnership will do nothing less than “change the way customers interact and shop TV and video content.” Roku, the USA's biggest streaming platform based on hours of viewing, according to Hypothesis Group, provides Walmart with access to its users. Walmart offers the product selection and fulfillment.

“We’re working to connect with customers where they are already spending time, shortening the distance from discovery and inspiration to purchase,” William White, chief marketing officer, Walmart, said in a statement. “No one has cracked the code around video shoppability. By working with Roku, we’re the first to market retailer to bring customers a new shoppable experience and seamless checkout on the largest screen in their homes - their TV.”

The Walmart/Roku partnership differs from traditional shoppable TV ads in that it does so without the use of QR codes, which require viewers to locate their phones and scan a code before buying the product they want.

Roku users will be able order products they see on their screens by pressing “OK” on the item they want. They can then go to the checkout that will be pre-populated with payment details from Roku Pay, the service’s payment platform. Users simply press “OK” a second time and will receive confirmation of the order with shipping details, return and support information via email.