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Wind Sun Sky adapts Twilight Daycare as digital series

On the heels of announcing a new toy line from WowWee, Gamefam is partnering with Wind Sun Sky to adapt its game Twilight Daycare as a digital series.

Gamefam is a publisher of over 20 live games for the platform Roblox. Twilight Daycare, which launched March 2021, allows users to play as babies, toddlers, or caretakers as they experience feeding, diaper changing, playing with toys, and excursions like beach trips and pony rides.

Twilight Daycare: The Show is a scripted, animated, short-form comedy series centered around the caretakers and babies at the daycare.

Wind Sun Sky, headed by CEO and executive producer Catherine Winder, has a track record for adapting video game IPs into movies and series - including mobile games Angry Birds and My Singing Monsters.

Twilight Daycare marks the first collaboration with a Roblox game title for Wind Sun Sky.