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John Baulch

John Baulch has over 35 years’ experience of working in the UK toy trade press. In June 2011 he launched his own toy trade magazine, Toy World, which has established itself as the leading UK toy magazine, renowned for having its finger on the pulse of the vibrant, fast-moving toy industry.

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Clara Blasco

Clara Blasco holds a Master’s in Product Design, and is a Design & Trends Researcher at AIJU, the Technological Institute of children's products and leisure located in Spain.

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Daniele Caroli

Born in Milan, Italy, in 1945, Daniele Caroli started his career as a journalist in 1970. Until 1985 he worked in the music business and later in consumer electronics. Since October 2020 he has been contributing to Spirit Of Play, Spielwarenmesse’s online magazine.

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Axel Dammler

Axel Dammler is managing partner of iconkids & youth, the biggest German institute specializing in research on kids and juveniles.

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Steven Ekstract

Steven Ekstract is Founder and Managing Director of Global Licensing Advisors, a media, marketing and licensing consultancy based in New York City, launched in September 2020. 

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Philippe Guinaudeau

With 30 years’ experience in market research, Philippe Guinaudeau is the CEO of BrandTrends, a Marketing Research firm.

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Lena Hedö

Lena Hedö is the editor in chief of Lek & Babyrevyn, the Swedish trade magazine for Toy and Baby.

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Gabriela Kaiser

Gabriela Kaiser, born in Frankfurt in 1969, studied Textile Engineering with a major in Design in Mönchengladbach and worked as a designer for almost 6 years before going into business for herself with a trend agency.

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Urszula Kaszubowska

Urszula Kaszubowska is the Editor-in-Chief of “Branza Dziecieca” – the biggest Polish trade magazine covering both toy industry and baby products sector.

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Sujin Lee

Sujin Lee is the founder and CEO of Gem Factory and has been challenging various projects since its foundation in 2014. Including product development, brand development, and marketing, he started working on a data platform project since 2018.

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Reyne Rice

Reyne Rice is a Global Trend Hunter. She serves as Co-President of ITMA (International Toy Trade Magazine Association), and is a journalist and contributing editor for multiple international publications, including The Toy Book and Spirit of Play. Reyne serves as a consultant, broadcast media spokesperson, keynote speaker, industry analyst and judge on multiple Toy and Kids Technology Award committees.

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Jane Wong

Jane Wong is Deputy Director of Editorial Department in TOY INDUSTRY, the biggest monthly magazine in China toy business.

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