Lundby Dolls and Doll’s houses

Wide range of detailed doll's house dolls

Product description

The Lundby doll's house collection now includes a wide range of new dolls with different ethnicities and disabilities. Regardless of how the child lives and what the their family looks like, all children should be able to recognise themselves in their play with the dolls and doll's houses from Lundby.

Now we welcome eight new doll sets with huge playtime value!

  • Four doll sets with different ethnicities. Five dolls in each set: two adults and three children, one of whom is a small baby.
  • A doll set with doll, glasses, blind cane and guide dog with harness.
  • A doll set with doll, glasses, headphones, rucksack and kick scooter.
  • A doll set with doll, computer, bag and mobile phone.
  • A doll set with two dolls, pram and travel bag.

The dollhouse dolls have the same high level of detail that Lundby is known for. The dolls, which are 1:18 scale, have moveable head, arms and legs. Their clothes are also removable.

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Product data

Available since/from:
01 Sep 2021

Recommended retail price:
From 24.90 EUR to 36.90 EUR