Sleeping bag "Penguin Dotty"

Item 2194 (35-45 cm)/1194 (28-35)/9194 (20-25)

Product description

Sleep, little doll, sleep. Putting the baby to bed is an important part of role-playing with dolls or plushies. And for this, doll parents naturally need a sleeping bag in which they can snuggle in their baby comfortably. In the padded doll sleeping bag of the "Penguin Dotty" series by Heless, doll babies sleep especially gently and softly. And look absolutely cute while doing so: The mint shade in the upper part of the sleeping bag offers a great color contrast to the white and black dot print, on which the little "Penguin Dotty" sits with his girlfriend on a rainbow. The velcro fasteners on the sleeping bag are quick and easy to open and close - making it very easy to put on and take off.

This product is available for dolls of size 35-45 cm, 28-35 or 20-25 cm.

The item is delivered on a wooden hanger.

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Available since/from:
1 Jul 2021

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