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Partystrolche party-designs from own production

Strong partylies for kids‘ birthdays

Product description

For many years, Partystrolche have been producing own party items such as paper plates, paper cups, napkins, XXL confetti and accessories such as balloons, garlands, paper bags, stationery, edible cake toppers or tattoos. We attach great importance to a production in Europe according to the requested EU-quality standards, whenever possible, for example using sustainable materials such as FSC-certified paper .
For many of our party lines we are working with the illustrations of Flo, Luzie and the dog Krümel - a license from our own company. The detective in particular, one of our most successful designs for over 6 years, is enjoying great popularity and will be the first topic to be expanded as a license with a wide range of items. If you are interested to work with us, you are welcome to contact reyhan@partystrolche.de for details.
In addition, we also are licensee of some external classic license themes such as Petson and Findus or illustrations by the English artist Rachel Ellen (sloth design).
Check our our brandnew top design in spring 2021: the funny bees!

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