Mondrian Blocks - Blue Edition

The award-winning logic game!

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Mondrian Blocks are thrilling logic games to encourage flexible thinking – Puzzle boardgames with 11 blocks in different shapes and colours. Series with 4 different colours: Red, Yellow, Blue and White Edition. Each box contains 1 storage box, 11 playing blocks, 88 puzzle challenges on 44 double-sided cards (= a total of 352 different puzzle challenges in all 4 colours). The 88 puzzle challenges in each game provide different levels of difficulty: 22 x Beginner, 22 x Advanced, 22 x Master, 22 x Grandmaster.
How to play: Take a card from the card compartment. Place card in the card holder and set up the fixed blocks shown on the card. Find ways to put the other blocks on the board until you complete the challenge. Play alone, in a team or in competitive mode against friends or other teams. Multi-player/competitive play: The same rules as in single-player mode. The first player to complete the board and close the lid wins! Mondrian Blocks encourages flexible thinking: The puzzles cannot be solved on the basis of generic algorithms. It’s nearly impossible to memorize the solutions – a new challenge every time! 4 editions with different colours - collect them all! Choose your favourite colour! Buy more for playing in competition mode.

App available in App-Store and Google Play Store – play Mondrian Blocks on your smartphone! Website provides new challenges for the members of the community on regular bases (on its reverse side each storage box provides a unique code to register). Multiple award-winning game: Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition – Jury First Prize (2019), Mom’s Choice – Gold Award (2020), Parent’s Choice – Gold Award (2020). Including manual in 5 languages. Storage box dimensions: 14 x 15.3 x 3 cm. Age: 8+

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1 Jan 2021

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