ORB Arcade Surprise Capsules "Princess Ponies"

Various characters in surprise capsules

Product description

ORB Arcade offers entertaining collectible collections with 5 different popular themes. ORB Arcade puts a smile on the face of children young and old because ORB Arcade is more than just a toy. ORB Arcade offers a special experience that consists of many facets: The pleasure of collecting, the curiosity and surprise when unpacking, the joy of playing with toys. ORB Arcade toys are hidden in special capsules and thus increase the desire to collect and swap the various characters - the contents remain a secret until they are unwrapped. Ideal impulse buy item in the pocket money segment - super-attractive for collecting enthusiasts. All 5 themes come in attractive countertop displays, each with 48 capsules and a variety of characters

ORB Arcade "Princess Ponies" surprise capsules whisk children away to magical kingdoms with one of the magical princess ponies. Various characters in surprise capsules to collect and swap. 48 capsules in themed counter display. Capsule diameter: 5 cm. Display size: H25.4 x W14.9 x D15.3 cm. Age: 3+

Art.No. 621630


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Available since/from:
01 Feb 2021

Recommended retail price:
2.00 EUR

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