Double hex tile engine builder.

Product description

As established representatives of your guild, you gather around an ancient sacred stone, the significance and magical powers of which are known to adepts only.

Each player occupies one of the four towers around the Witchstone and starts from there. Create your magic spells with the help of your cauldron and put a network of magic energy around the stone. Send out your witches, scoop the magic crystals out of the cauldron, make use of the pentagram and the magic wand, and keep an eye on the prophecies in order to ensure victory.

But not all options are always available to you. Only if you cleverly make the most of your opportunities will you have the chance of accumulating the most victory points over the 11 rounds and thereby win the game as the Master of the Witchstone.


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Available since/from:
30 Jun 2021

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44.99 EUR

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