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Coding Set Treasure Island

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With this coding set, children can be introduced to programming in a playful way. The topic of the treasure hunt is an additional stimulus. The motif cards are the platform to which the task or a specified path is transferred and on which the programm is to be carried out later, with the help of a robot. Planning procedures, spatial and location orientation, abstract and logical thinking are promoted. At the same time, children develop, strengthen and learn different problem-solving strategies, communication skills and cooperation. By programming a robot such as BeeBot® and the recording of the program, the players get immediate feedback as to whether their program works and whether their robot lands on the correct target field. These are all important steps in learning how to programme.

Contents: 15 Task cards, 16 Motif cards (water, moss, grass, stones, sand), 6 Treasure cards (crown, mirror, pearl, ring, treasure chest, calice), 2 Trap cards (robber, lion ), 3 Obstacle cards, 20 red chips


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01 Feb 2021

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