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Picture box Differento 2

Find the differences!

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- Picture box with 30 card pairs
- Can be played together with a partner or on your own
- Training observational skills, listening comprehension, memory and concentration through play
“Find the differences!” 30 pairs of cards show the same picture with small differences in some details. Each player gets one card, and now the two players must find the differences without looking at the other player’s card, but by asking one another questions about details. Every time a difference is discovered, a special playing card with an exclamation mark on one side and a question mark on the other is turned over. The more differences that are discovered, the more exciting the game becomes, because the winner is whoever names the last detail and turns over the last playing card.
DIFFERENTO trains not only the power of observation, but also numerous other foundation skills such as listening comprehension, spatial orientation, memory and concentration. Because describing the picture details demands precise formulation, verbal skills are intensively facilitated. The game has been designed to be played by two players, but the discovery of picture differences can also be set as a verbal or written task for an individual child.
Content: 30 pairs of colored cards with 3 to 8 differences each, 17 playing cards. With instructions.
Suitable for: age brackets late nursery onwards, school, speech and language therapy.
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Feb 2021

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