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Science4you Antivirus Laboratory

Bacteria and Viruses: Start your Experiment

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Playfully the children will learn all about the way viruses and bacteria spread, how they survive in different environments, and how to defeat them with proper hand washing. This educational toy contains 31 fantastic contents and 15 didactic activities.

15 ACTIVITIES: Become a true microbiology scientist and create your own experimental culture of microbes and fungi! Learn how to make your own face shield and soap to help protect yourself from viruses and bacteria.
EDUCATIONAL TOY: The Antivirus Lab brings an educational booklet which comes in 6 different languages. It explains all about the world of virology and guides you through the different experiments.

The kit includes: 72-page textbook, gloves, Petri dishes, Pasteur pipette, large measuring cup, test tubes with lids, zip-lock bag, acetate sheet, tweezers, rubber band, paper caps, non-woven fabric, plaster, decorative stickers, card with graphic elements, soap base, soap mold, gelatin, yeast, foam and spatula.

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Available since/from:
01 Mar 2021

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16.99 EUR