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Poison Ivy Returns

DC Comics Bishoujo Statue

Product description

One of our closest partners Kotobukiya is a power house in designing and manufacturing collectibles based on various IPs from acclaimed movies, series, manga, animes, games and many others.

The bewitching yet gentle look of the DC COMICS POISON IVY RETURNS statue is now available in an all-new rendition! This new POISON IVY RETURNS statue gives off an even more villainous vibe than before. The sculpt of the statue made by Yoshiki Fujimoto is the same as the regular BISHOUJO statue, but the expression on her face now shows glimpses of her dangerous thoughts.

The green skin and red hair from Poison Ivy's original appearance in the comic books have been recreated, and the giant plant monster she sits on has been given a new, more poisonous coloring!

Product data

Available since/from:
JULY 2021

Recommended retail price:
149.95 EUR