Model Construction

Powerful Henschel bonnet truck HS 140

Scale 1:87

Product description

It is known as the giant from Kassel: The Henschel HS 140 always made a dramatic entrance thanks primarily to its awe-inspiring bonnet. Providing a payload of 6.5 tonnes, it was the first lorry the manufacturer of lorries and machinery introduced after the war. WIKING's model is a completely new development and required extensive research to become a reality. The same prototype had already been available as a 1:90-scale miniature in the 50s, albeit as an unglazed version. Besides, WIKING head Fritz Peltzer chose the smaller series of the HS 100 after the glazing era had arrived. The driver's cab of the new HS 140 is distinguished by the typical “bulbous” doors. The design includes extensive engravings of the rear window and of roof fans, but also the option to integrate a warning light and to insert the triangular roof sign that was common at the time. The radiator grille naturally includes the typical Henschel star and is inserted as a separate piece. The current options are already suitable for creating multiple true-to-prototype combinations. They include, of course, box and tanker trailers, but also allow for a short flatbed plus tarp.

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