Model Construction

2C model water | H0, TT, N, Z

The perfect water design

Product description

Turn your model landscape into a natural experience by adding a pond, lake or river. Let your model ships take centre stage. Create realistic details with a small embankment.

This is easily done with two-component model water. The clear casting resin and the hardener can be measured, mixed and blended in just a few steps and are ready in no time at all. Art. 171656.

All working materials, such as wood, dried plaster or foam, e.g. Styrodur®, are suitable for the foundation. It can be coloured using tinting paint and enhanced with scenery elements such as stones or wood.

Because bodies of water are rarely completely without colour, dry pigments of any kind can be added, such as the Pigments Patina-set, Art. 170695.

Product data

Available since/from:
Feb 2021

Recommended retail price:
32.99 EUR

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