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Basic Plus Maths Set up to 20, in Box, red/blue

All you need for arithmetic up to 20. 58 pieces.

Product description

With this basic set, pupils get everything they need to get started on arithmetic. The set contains a variety of proven arithmetic aids to help children learn the numbers up to 20, such as counting chains, reversible counters, a shaking box and connecting cubes. In addition, a 13-piece Dienes decimal counting set is included, which can be used to form numbers up to 20 with 1-cubes or 5 or 10 bars, which differ in colour. With the abacus base plate, a small abacus can be put together very quickly.

Everything is kept in a practical, transparent stacking box. This can be stacked in the class cupboard to save space or carried in the school bag. The box is securely closed with click fasteners. The transparency of the box allows a quick visual check of the contents.

A label fixed in the lid allows the pupil's name to be entered. Depending on requirements, using an erasable or permanent marker.

A quick guide gives a good overview of the many possible applications.

The sets are available with white/red as well as with red/blue arithmetic aids.

Box dimensions: approx. 23.5 x 11.5 x 5 cm

Version: red/blue
- Everything pupils need for arithmetic on numbers up to 20
- The classic arithmetic aids, together in one set
- In a transparent, stackable plastic box



1 counting chain for numbers 1-20 (red/blue)
1 silent shaker box for 2 and 3 subsets, with 20 balls
22 Reversible counters 25 mm diameter (red/blue)
20 x 2 cm RE-Wood® stacking cubes (red/blue)
1 Dienes decimal counting set, 13 pcs., made of RE-Wood®
(10 x yellow 1-cubes, 2 x orange 5-rods, 1 x green 10-rods)
1 abacus base plate for the counting chain, approx. 20 x 4.5 cm
Plastic box with click-fastener handles

Product data

Available since/from:
01 Jan 2021

Recommended retail price:
9.95 EUR